Answers to Puzzle #1: Brooklyn Sights

Here are the answers to this week’s, and my first puzzle! If you have not seen the puzzle, go here to play.  I’ll wait..

Let’s see how you did:


BAM Harvey

BAM Harvey Theater (Emeril’s signature expression of BAM! + Harvey the famed invisible rabbit)

I have seen several shows at both Brooklyn Academy of Music spaces, and most recently saw an excellent production of Endgame at this theater.


Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo (An up and comer is a Prospect + an anagram of PR Kazoo is Park Zoo)

This photo is of a statue of a Lioness and Cubs in the main area of the zoo, taken on a recent trip there by daddy and son.


Old Stone House

Old Stone House (old and house around stone, an anagram of notes)

The Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn is a historic sight commemorating the Battle of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War.

Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel (Red now backwards is Wonder + W, the last prez + heel, a dog command)

Another family trip, and yes the Wonder Wheel has its own website.



Junior’s (Third year student’s = Junior’s, and I mentioned cheesecake!)

Oh, and can you take a picture of Junior’s without going in and getting some cheesecake?

Most Fabulous Cheesecake

Apparently not.


Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza (Thousand= Grand + Black Knights is the team nickname for the West Point Academy or Army, I swear + take playa and kick the fourth letter up “a notch” to get plaza

This is the Soldiers and Sailors Arch, the truly grand entrence to Grand Army Plaza.


No photo.  Sorry about that.

New York Aquarium (Big Apple = New York  and to get aquarium… well Julius Caesar would have called water aqua and add that to a rum (Capt. Morgan’s) with I in it (chemical symbol for iodine) or rium.

The aquarium is located near the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.


Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum (Lyn’s mumu booker is straight up anagram of Brooklyn Museum.

I wanted to take a photo of my favorite piece in the Brooklyn Museum, but this is a new acquisition that I really liked.  The photo doesn’t really do justice to the scope of the piece, as this is an old plastic Indian from like the sets that I and probably you had as a kid, rendered in life size (about 6′ tall!).  I like what it had to say about the power of childhood memories, racial stereotyping, and I well, I got a lot of stuff from it on a lot of levels.  Here’s more about the artist and the piece, if you are interested.


Brooklyn Brewery

Again no picture.  My bad…

DSXXHIQL DSMOMSQ is a crytogram for the Brooklyn Brewery.  I hope everyone treated there moms right yesterday!


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One Response to “Answers to Puzzle #1: Brooklyn Sights”

  1. mabknj Says:

    Great! I didn’t get far. Especially since I remembered Emeril as saying POW and not BAM. Harvey I got, however.

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