Puzzle#2 Wordplay: Neighborhoods

New York City is a city of neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods are often as much defined by ethnicity or class as street boundaries.   Some neighborhoods have become enclaves for particular ethnic groups, such as Chinatown or Little Italy.  Other neighborhoods are constantly being redefined by their residential make up, such as Park Slope, Brooklyn.  New York City is a quilt of neighborhoods whose pattern is always changing.  These changes produce both the wonderful kinetic energy of the city, and the tensions of “new” versus “old”, rich versus poor, and progress versus history.

There are also many neighborhood names that are awesome for wordplay!  Again, the clues are all in the form of wordplay, each one their own mini-puzzle.  I have fifteen (I got on a role) neighborhoods represented in today’s puzzle.  Three from each of the five boroughs.  I have provided the borough for each one at the end of every clue, so I am not totally heartless.

Don’t for get to check out the first Puzzling New York City entry here, and tips on solving these kind of word puzzles here.


  1. “S” if taken too literally. (Bk)
  2. _______?  Nope, she came of her own accord! (Nyuk Nyuk) (Q)
  3. Shoo!  Fly away! (M)
  4. Gay bride danced around. (Bk)
  5. Mood within the tribe?  Cautious… (M)
  6. Termite Townhouse?  (M)
  7. Tori’s in with Asa. (Q)
  8. Firstly, don’t upset my brother, OK? (Bk)
  9. New Country’s mortal enemy. (S.I.)
  10. Staten Island, formally known as, Lauryn. (Q)
  11. Headless beast and Chet (formally) (Bx)
  12. Best neighb to whack a dragon? (S.I.)
  13. Archie and the gang’s home?  Kinda. (Bx)
  14. Car maker and over actor respectively. (Bx)
  15. Donnie “Cowpad” Brostroop III

Puzzle on!  Answers Monday.


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