Answers to Puzzle #2: Neighborhoods

If you have not done the puzzle yet, go here first.

This week’s answers will not include any photos.  This lack of photographic embellishment is brought to you by a sinus infection.  Sinus Infection, now with 50% more phlegm!  Incidentally, phlegm is a great word to use for the game hangman.  Six letters, no repeated letters, and nobody sees the “l” coming after a “ph”.  I drove some poor soul crazy using this word in hangman.  He swore that I had spelled something wrong the entire game, and when he discovered what the word was, he just swore.

And now the answers:

1. Gravesend.  The end of Graves is “S”.  The whole clue and answer was a pun.  Tee hee.

2. Jamaica.  Jamaica is a sound alike for “Did Ja’ Make Her?” or “D’yer Maker” if you are a Zep fan.

3. Soho.  Shoo “flown away” i.e. rearranged.

4. Bay Ridge.  “Gay Bride” also rearranged.

5. Tribeca.  Within the Tribe? Cautious.  My first container.

6. Inwood.  Where would a termite live?  In wood.  I know, so many puns.

7. Astoria.  Tori inside Asa.

8. Dumbo.  The first letters of don’t upset my brother, OK?

9. Old Town.  Antonym for New and Country.

10. Richmond Hill.  Staten Island was called Richmond until 1975.  Add that to the famous Lauryn: Hill.

11.  Eastchester.  Remove the B from beast and the formal name for a Chet would be Chester.

12. Riverdale.  Archie Comics are set in the fictional town of Riverdale, and there is slight speculation that the Bronx neighborhood may have inspired the name.  I can not confirm this speculation.

13. St. George.  While I use the legend of St. George and the Dragon for my clue, the Staten Island neighborhood was actually named after the man who owned most of the land there in the late 1800’s:  George Law.

14. Fordham.  Car maker Ford and a ham actor.

15. New Dorp.  Go back to the puzzle and read every third (i.e. III) letter in the nonsense name.  This spells New Dorp.


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