Answers to Puzzle #3: Manhattan Sights

Sorry for the late post today.  I hope everyone else is enjoying the great weather for Memorial Day.  Here are the answers for Friday’s puzzle, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, well here’s the puzzle.

1.  The Tram (The Roosevelt Island Tram to use its non colloquial name).  Charlie Chaplin’s signature character was The Tramp, so drop the “P” like I did from Chaplin.

2.  Atlas.  In this case “Finally” means at last, and you then drop the last “tee”.  You then get the famous statue of Atlas in front of Rockefeller Center.

3.   Katz’s.  What other feline would have such fresh tongue in this city?

4.  The Cloisters.  Stir closed is an anagram for cloisters.

5.  Lincoln Center.  The past president is Lincoln, and the anchor of any basketball team is a center.

6.  Madison Square Garden.  Dweeb= Square, This past Prez is Madison.  Flip that and rest it over a bed of veggies i.e. a garden.

7.  Grant’s Tomb.  A thousand= G + diatribes= rants for Grants.  “to” plus Mike Bloomberg’s initials.

8.  Strand Book Store.  The clue is a synonym for each word of the store with 18 miles of books.

9. Gracie Mansion.  Say good night Gracie.  Mansion is an anagram of in and hands in Spanish, manos.

There were lots of past presidents in the clues and answers this week.  Maybe this puzzle would have been better for President’s day…  oh well.  Enjoy the holiday, but lets keep in mind those who have served our country.


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