Answers Puzzle #4: Who Are These People?

Don’t know what people I’m talking about?  Well then, go here to play the puzzle!

The thirteen people mentioned are the birth names of famous people who died in New York City.

1. Crazy Joe Gallo.  This New York City mobster was gunned down at Umberto’s Restaurant located at 129 Mulberry Street on April 7, 1972.

2. Kitty Genovese.  Ms. Genovese was stabbed to death very near her apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens on March 13, 1964.  This murder made national news when it was reported that no one who had witnessed the initial attack or who had heard her screams did anything to help the dieing woman.

3. Rudolph Valentino.  The great silent film sex symbol died from complications from a surgery to repair a perforated ulcer on  August 23, 1926 at the Polyclinic in Manhattan.

4. Joey Ramone.  This iconic 1970’s punk rocker died of lymphoma New York-Presbyterian Hospital on April 15, 2001.

5. Alan King.  One of the great New York City stand-up comedians died on May 9, 2004 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.

6. Malcolm X.  This polarizing civil rights leader as assassinated on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem.

7. Jam Master Jay.  One of the three founding members of the pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC was also felled by gun violence when he was shot to death on October 30, 2002 at 24/7 Studios in Jamaica, Queens.

8.  O. Henry.  The master of the twist ending short story died in New York on June 5, 1910 from cirrhosis of the liver.

9. Sid Vicious.  The bassist for the Sex Pistols died of a heroin overdose at 63 Bank Street, the home of his current girlfriend, on February 1, 1979.

10. Tony Randall.  The man who played the quintessential New York Character Felix Unger died at the NYU Medical Center on May 17, 2004 from complications to heart bypass surgery.

11.  Nancy Spungen.  The reason Sid Vicious died at the home of his current girlfriend was because his former girlfriend Nancy was found dead from a stab wound in the couple’s room at the Chelsea Hotel on October 12, 1978.   It is generally believed, though not proved, that Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen.

12. Stanford White.  Stanford White was the architect who designed the second Madison Square Garden and the Washington Square Arch among many other buidlings and homes.  Oh June 25, 1906 he was fatally shot in the face while attending a show at Madison Square Garden by the husband of actress Evelyn Nesbit.  Mr. White was having an affair with Ms. Nesbit.  The ensuing trial was so solatious that it was dubbed the “Trial of the Century”.

13.   Tennessee Williams.  The great playwright died in his room at the Hotel Elysee on February 24, 1983 when he accidentally choked to death on an eyedrop bottle cap.


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