Answers to Puzzle #5 Wordplay NYC Word Pyramid

If you haven’t played the pyramid, then go hereHere are the answers:

1  N

2. O N

3. C O N

4. C O N E

5. S C O N E

6. C L O N E S

7. N O S L I C E

8. N A I L S C E O

9. D I S C O L A N E

10. L I O N S D A N C E

11. C O N E Y I S L A N D


1. Avenue ________

2. First word in title of musical about sailors on shore leave in NYC

3. ________ Edison

4. He pitched for both the Yanks and Mets

5. You can find these teatime treats at Alice’s Tea Cup

6. Like Chinatown Prada Knockoffs?

7. Response to request for single portion at Grimaldi’s (2words)

8. Another term for when the SEC busts a Wall Street head honcho (2 words)

9. What you can call the location of a 70’s night at say the Bowlmor Bowling Alley (2 words)

10. This happens eight times a week at the Minskoff Theatre (2 words)

11. ________ Avenue (2 words)


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