Answers Puzzle# 6: Riddles

Thanks to everyone who came out to Rocky Sullivan’s and allowed me to break out my inner Frank Gorshen.  I always preferred John Austin as the Riddler, but hey, I’ve always been a Shemp kinda guy.  I will have a write up on the pub quiz tomorrow, but you shall get the answers today.  That is unless you haven’t tried to unravel my NYC riddles yet.  In that case go here.  Otherwise read on:


Q:  Where in New York City do you travel up to 65 miles per hour, and yet always end up where you have started?

A: The Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island.


Q:  I have several poles with no opinions, a gate that moves, and my grass is inside my dirt.  What am I?

A: Aqueduct Race Track.  Belmont Race Track is just over the Queens boarder in Nassau County BTW.


Q: I have two Davids, two Marias, four Jameses and dozens of Bills.  What am I?

A: The New York City Council.  The “Bills” are the pieces of legislation.


Q:  My annual visits are steeped in the past, but you know my visage thanks to New York and a one Mr. Nash.  And I am?

A: Santa Claus.  Famed 19th Century political cartoonist and illustrator Thomas Nast not only created the Tammany Tiger, the Donkey for Democrats and the Elephant for Republicans, he also created the stout red suited look for old St. Nick that we identify with today.


Q: Where do thousands of people go from New York to Paris and back again eight times a week?

A: The Majestic Theatre home of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera.


Q:  In the Big Apple how can you take one line and go from a circle to a square?

A: You take the number “1” subway line from Columbus Circle to Times Square.


Q:  Although I am originally from France, I am now the quintessential New Yorker, and even though I am over 100 years old, I have only had work done on my face once.  Who am I?

A: Liberty Enlightening the World or The Statue of Liberty.


Q: This last riddle returns to a rhyme.

I am a clock, but I don’t measure time.

What do I track?  Well it ain’t much fun.

And it got a trillion times worse just by adding a one.

A: The National Debt Clock located at West 43rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in Manhattan.  Recently, the clock ran out of digits when our nation’s debt went into the tens of trillions.  A ten trillionth place holder was added and increased our nations woes a trillionfold.


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