A Night at Rocky’s

For those of you that didn’t know, this week’s puzzle of riddles was also used as the guest round of the world famous (in Red Hook) Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz, and I got to be the MC for the round!  I had a blast doing the honors and the rest of the pub quiz, and I encourage anyone with the means to get out to Rocky’s this or any other Thursday to do so!  I had a team of four friends come out to support me, and we had a grand time.  I then could not wait to blog about it and had:

A. Computer issues – then

B: Time crunch.

So much for striking while the iron was hot.  I can’t even upload the picture of me at the MC’s desk just yet…  grrrrrrrrrrr.

I must admit I was nervous about doing the quiz round.  Would I be boring?  Would I be unintelligible?  Were riddles too esoteric?  Turns out no on all accounts, although the fabulous host Scott M.X. Turner did tease me about the “game show host voice” I had used, and yes Scott I was practicing that voice for weeks.

The pub quiz consists of teams that work together on answers and then quietly confer and write ’em down, so I knew I was OK when there was much conferring going on after the first few riddles.  When it was all said and done, most teams got 5 of 8 riddles.  One team got 6.  My team, sans my help, got 5.  I think the riddles were tough, but fair.  My friends said I did a heck of a job, and a couple of other players were hoping that the riddles would be posted on the blog so friends of theirs could play as well.  That was the first feedback I have gotten from a non-friend or relative and that made me feel pretty dang good.  Scott has also invited me to come back and guest again and that is also heartening.

Finally, there is a tradition of giving out a point to answers that make you laugh, and I got two answers that indeed made me LOL as the kids like to type for this riddle:

I have two Davids, two Marias, four Jameses and dozens of Bills.  What am I?

“A bunch of people looking for a rent controller apartment”, and “My sisters lovers.”

Both received points.  See y’all tomorrow for another puzzle.  Trivia tomorrow, just soes you knows.


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