Answers to Puzzle #8 Wordplay: Puns

This is a quick and late post of Friday’s puzzle.  I am preparing for a Friday – Monday vacation for the Fourth, but I should still be posting a puzzle for Friday July 3rd.  Here’s the punny answers:

1.  Court Street.  Say it with a Brooklyn accent.

2.  The Williamsburg Bridge.

3.  Clausson Avenue, Brooklyn.

4.  Roosevelt Island.  Roos svelt.  Get it? (Wah, wah)

5.  Orchard Beach.  Or chard?  Pattern forming…

6.  Fulton Street.  Manhattan, Brooklyn whatevs.

7.  Yankee Stadium.  One who is pulled is not the yanker, but the yankee.  I know, I know…

8.  Triborough Bridge.  Try Burro. 

Th-th-th-th-th-th That’s All Folks!


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