Answers to Puzzle #9: Word Pyramid II

If you haven’t played the pyramid, then go hereHere are the answers:

1  O

2. O T

3. T A O

4. A L T O

5. A L T O N

6. A T O N A L

7. N O T A L A D

8. A S A N D L O T

9. L O S T A H A N D

10. A H AN D Y S L O T

11. D Y L A N T H O M A S


1.  _____ Henry

2.  The Knicks play this after four quarters (abrev)

3.  East 50’s Asian Eatery

4.  Type of singer found at The Met

5.   _____ Brown, Iron Chef America Host

6.  Type of music you’ll here at a Schoenberg concert at Avery Fischer Hall

7.  What Cesario turns out to be  (3 words)

8.  Where NYC kids played baseball before there was Little League (3 words)

9.  A singular defeat at the Manhattan Bridge Club (3 words)

10.  What an upper floor mail chute is (3 words)

11.  Legend has it this poet took his last drinks at the White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street. (2 words)


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