Puzzle #10 Wordplay: The Bronx

Sorry for the late post but, today I had to go through a medical procedure.  Probably nothing serious, but I have reached the glorious age where when things are found through routine check ups the doctor says, “It is probably nothing serious, but you should get this checked out.”  So I did.

So a hair belatedly, I present the next borough in my cryptic clues theme and this time it is The Bronx.  Once again, cryptic clues are little puzzles unto themselves, and this is an excellent explanation and solving tips for cryptic crosswords.

Now I have been told that these puzzles are a bit too hard for you guys, so I am going to change it up a bit.  I will give the clues and the letters per word in parenthesis, but I will also include a list of the places in The Bronk after a jump.  I will not spell out exactly how each clue relates to the places, and the “answers” will be alphabetical and not match up in order of the clues, but you can do some reverse engineering to get answers to you are stuck on.  On Monday, I will provide the detailed answers as usual.  Hopefully, this will make these types of puzzles more fun for you guys.  So without further adieu, Happy Puzzling!

1. Super Scheme 101 (5, 9)

2. Replay each bar chord (7,5)

3. In the first quarter, CUNY advances in full, and it sounds like by an eyelash Seton Hall is dropped for Notre Dame (4,6)

4. American poet Cummings presents disjointed “I am stud” (6, 7)

5. Ex-Met Darling with another ex surrounded by mixed up clown (5, 3)

6. Even Ruth aura clouded (6, 6)

7. Navy woman at Hawaii Little League (4, 4)

8. Edgar Allen presents “Cage fora New York Giants Catcher” (3, 7)

9. Boogiedown Biology (5, 7)

Arthur Avenue

Bronx Science

Bronx Zoo

City Island

Grand Concourse

Orchard Beach

Poe Cottage

Wave Hill

Yankee Stadium


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