Answers to Puzzle #10 Wordplay: The Bronx

Life still crazy.  Friday’s puzzle here.  Answers follow the break.1. Grand Concourse.  Super is a synonym for Grand, scheme is con + 101 a course number.

2. Orchard Beach.  Each bar chord is an anagram of Orchard Beach.

3. City Island.  OK.  I will admit this one is truly effed up.  CUNY is the City University of New York, so advancing in full in the fist quarter means to use the university’s full name in the first quarter of the acronym or “City”.  Eyelash becomes Eyeland when you drop the SH (Seton Hall) for ND (Notre Dame) which is a sound a like for Island.  If I had readership, I would expect the hate comments to just flow in for this one.

4. Yankee Stadium.  American= Yank + poet cummings= “ee”.  I am stud is an anagram for stadium.

5. Bronx Zoo.  Ex Met Darling is Ron, add another ex to get ronx and then surround by the clown Bozo mixed up to Bzoo and you get Bronx Zoo.

6. Arthur Avenue.  Even Ruth aura is an anagram for Arthur Avenue.

7. Wave Hill.  Some navty women are WAVEs.  Use HI for Hawaii and LL for Little League.

8. Poe Cottage.  Edgar Allen is duh, Poe, then surround “cage” around the last name of Hall of Famer Mel Ott for cottage.

9. Bronx Science.  The famed high school is represented with synonyms for Bronx and Science.


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