Puzzle# 11 Wordplay: Sister Cities

One of the great things about doing this blog is that I am learning about all kinds of stuff about New York City.  For instance, did you know about the Sister Cities?  Sister Cities are global partnerships between like cities throughout the world.  I find this to be fascinating stuff.  Do you know how many Sister Cities New York City has?  Two?  Four?  Try ten!  Yes world, we really are that cool.  I mean everyone wants to be our Sister City.  Ten is also a perfect number of answers for a puzzle, dontcha know, and I have stepped up and filled the Sister Cities of New York City puzzling void, ’cause that’s what I do.  Once again we will go the cryptic clue route.  If you need a list of New York’s Sister Cities to help you, I’m sure you can find them somewhere.  Again look for all kinds of wordplay within the clues, and the number of letters per word of each answer will follow the clues in parenthesis.  Happy puzzling!

1.  Found within December omens (4)

2.  Canada’s dollar bird flies around North Dakota (6)

3.   Sat on confused Placido (5, 7)

4.  It is the air found in Colorado (5)

5.  Mother, the surgeon has a credential (6)

6.  At first Irving and Jong were consumed by existing (7)

7.  Clumsily took a Spanish article (5)

8.  Mr. Selig is with a trying person (8)

9.  Peru with a primary loss of 6 looks to Oregon’s capital (9)

10.  Pitcher Santana is Spanish and backwards when it comes to food (12)


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    […] week’s puzzle.  After days of dead ends, I shelved the whole bloody thing and finished the Sister Cities puzzle the night before (and day of) posting.  The problem was that I was trying to make a word ladder […]

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