Answers to Puzzle #11 Wordplay: Sister Cities

So did you find all of The Big Apple’s siblings in Friday’s Puzzle?  If you didn’t play it, well then you know what to do.  Answers are after the break.1.  Rome.  Found “within” December omens.

2.  London.  Canada’s dollar coin features the loon an it.  No seriously.  So, the loon around ND for North Dakota.

3.  Santo Domingo.  Sat on is an anagram for Santo, and Placido refers to the opera singer Placido Domingo.

4.  Cairo.  Air within CO for Colorado.

5.  Madrid.  Mother = Ma, Surgeon = Dr, and credential is ID.

6.  Beijing.  Initial of Irving and Jong surrounded by being.

7.  Tokyo.  Took rearranged around the Spanish article y (as in and).

8.  Budapest.  Bud Selig with a pest.

9.  Jerusalem.  Drop the first letter of Peru six places and add Salem, the state capital of Oregon.

10.  Johannesburg.  “Johann” Santana + es (Spanish for is) + grub backwards.


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