Answers to Puzzle #13: Sequential New York

So did anyone beat the score of teams Hello, Hello, Hello or A Midsummer Night’s Revolution?  Without using Google?  *Withering Stare*

Anyway if you haven’t taken a crack at Sequential New York, well give it a whirl!  The answers follow the break.  I was also allowed to give the “free drink” question at Rocky’s on Thursday, so I will include the question at the end of the answers (’cause I’m such a rebel).  The answer to this question will appear in Tuesday’s post.


 1. 37.  These are the first five numbers retired by the New York Yankees in historical order.  Gehrig, Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle and then long time manager Casey Stengel.

 2. The 1969 New York Mets.  This is a list of ticker tape parade recipients of the late sixties in chronological order.  I chose these to honor the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

 3. Jeremiah.  These are the statues on the façade of the front of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, starting from the left corner of the building and going to the front entrance.  The left side of the building has representations of religious figures, and in fact the next three statues are Isaiah, St. Paul and St. Peter.  If you think this was hard, just know that I could have gone with the statues that run from the entrance to the right corner of scholars and poets of the ancient world.  Does anyone know who Herodotus was?

 4.  The American International Building.  These are the current five tallest buildings in NYC.  All are located in Manhattan.

 5. P.  These are the first five letters alphabetically that are not currently in use to identify New York City Subway lines.  The letter H was uses for a shuttle train in Far Rockaway, but it is now an “S” train.  There was also a K train which was an Eighth Avenue local in Manhattan.  The letters I, O and P have never been in use for the subway, and the letter “T” has been proposed for the yet to be built Second Avenue subway line.

 6. Kramer vs. Kramer.  These are the last five Oscar winners for Best Picture that were set predominantly in New York City.  The Godfather II did win the Best Picture Oscar within this run of films, but it is not very New York City-centic.  In fact it is quite literally all over the map.  No film set predominantly in NYC has won the Oscar since Kramer vs. Kramer, a 28 year draught.  Come on NYC filmmakers, lets get cracking!

 7. Serena Williams.  These are last five women’s champions of the United States Tennis Open held in Flushing, Queens.

8. Tottenville.  These are the last five stops on the Staten Island Railway.

Bonus Question:  How many ticket tape parades have been thrown in the Canyon of Heroes in honor of The New York Mets?


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