Puzzle# 14 Wordplay: Queens Sights

I had a great beach day with Max and mommy, thanks for asking.  Here’s this weeks puzzle a day late but thankfully not sunburned.  This week I am returning to the cryptic clue five borough tour with a stop in Queens.  Below you will find clues to nine famous sights/places in Queens county.  Once again the clues will be in cryptic form, or each clue will be its own little word puzzle.  Look for puns, words hidden within words, anagrams etc.  I am also going to include a list of answers after a break in case of major stumpage so that you can reverse engineer some answers.  As always the number of letter for each word of the answer will appear in parenthesis after each clue.  Happy puzzling!

1.  Taken from illicit items and filed incorrectly. (4, 5)

2.  Purging with Tony and Carmella’s daughter and her clone.  (8, 7)

3. Messed up Punisher stands atop Everest. (9)

4.  The Italian Guard at English Aeropurto. (9, 7)

5.  Mr.  Hudson is gone to the shore.  (8, 5)

6.  Male Monarchs Mates Menagerie.  (5, 3)

7.  Informal Beuraguard, he-man with myself meets with former gameshow host Monte.  (8, 4)

8.  The biggest isle in the Continental USA with Carrie Bradshaw’s sex partner.  (4, 5, 4)

9.  Plato’s pal, a carved likeness and a baseball field.  (8, 9, 4)

Here is an alphabetical list of the answers:

Bohemian Hall

Citi Field

Flushing Meadows

LaGuardia Airport

Long Island City

Queens Zoo

Rockaway Beach

Socrates Sculpture Garden



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