Answers to Puzzle# 14: Wordplay Queens

Here are the answers to puzzle #13.  No triskaidekaphobia here, as I have not had any problems with this post (or at least no more so than usual).  The answers are below the break in case you haven’t tried the puzzle yet.

1.  Citi Field.  Citi is found within illicit items and filed is an anagram of field i.e. filed “incorrectly”, and you get the Mets new home.

2.  Flushing Meadows.  This park is found by taking purging as a synonym for Flushing and Tony and Carmella Soprano’s daughter Meadow or Meadows if you add her clone.

3.  Unisphere.  This iconic Queens landmark from the 1964 World’s Fair sight can me made from scrambling punisher and adding “E” (the top of Everest).

4.  LaGuardia Airport.  Italian for “the guard” is La Gaurdia and aeropurto is Italian for Airport.

5.  Rockaway Beach.  Mr. Hudson is Rock, and “is gone” represents away.  The shore is the beach in this case.

6.  Queens Zoo.  Male Monarchs Mates= Queens and Menagerie= Zoo.

7.  Bohemian Hall.  Beuraguard is “Bo” informally, and you can finish of the first word be inserting “i” (myself) in he man.  Gameshow host Monte is Monte Hall.

8.  Long Island City.  The biggest island in the continental USA is Long Island, or at least a Snapple cap says so.  The titular “partner” of Sex is City, as in Sex and the City.

9.  Socrates Sculpture Park.  Palto’s pal was Socrates, a carved likeness is a statue, and a baseball field is a park in this case.


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