Answers to Puzzle#15 Brainteaser: A,E,I,O,U and Screw You Y

My answers for this weeks little brainteaser follow the break.  While it took me a while to find five answers that met the criteria for the puzzle(place/thing/people, one representative from each borough,  must contain each vowel only once), I am sure there are many more that I missed.  Feel free to add any in the comments field.

Brooklyn: Fullton Ferry Landing  or one of my all time favorite people in the world Arlo Guthrie (born in Coney Island, Brooklyn, USA).

The Bronx:  Hunts Point Market.  The full name is Hunts Point Cooperative Market or Hunts Point Terminal Market, but it is colloquially known as the Hunts Point Market.  However you phrase it, it is the largest food distribution center in the whole wide world.

Manhattan:  Tompkins Square.  The Square in which Tompkins Square Park is built (duh).  Also the home to my street hockey league.

Queens:  Flushing Meadows.  Part of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park,  one of the signature parks in NYC.

Staten Island:  Luis R. Lopez Park.  I know, very obscure, but I swear Staten Island is going to be the death of me for some of these puzzles.  Anyone got a more well known Staten Island, five vowel place?


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