Puzzle#16 Wordplay: Staten Island Sights

We have finally come to the end of our five borough cryptic clued word puzzles with the borough whose Little Leaguers are representing the Mid-Atlantic region at the Little League World Series as you read this: Staten Island.  This puzzle is like the previous four borough puzzles in that there will be nine sights in Staten Island in nine cryptic clues.  Each clue is a little word puzzle unto itself, so watch for all kinds of linguistic trickery.  The numbers  that appear in parenthesis after each clue is the number of letter in each word of the answer.  If these are a bit too tricky for you, I will put a list of the answers after a break so that you can reverse engineer each clue.  Happy Puzzling!

1.  Atlantis snoozed then got shook up.  (5,6,3) 

2.  To pay a bridge fare, go around the beginning of Down Town with a short cheerful greeting.  (4,4)

3.  Staten Island Railway stop goes around the Capital of Virginia…  (3,8,4)

4.  An army post for whats inside Henry Longfellow.  (4,9)

5.  Her skills are a mess and get an “F”.  (5,5)

6.  The union of a TV waitress from Phoenix and a TV doctor from Princeton is separated by Emma’s author.  (5,6,5)

7.  Revealing another to be gay involves um, a card game and a crucifix.  (11,8)

8.  The patron Christian of England goes to a place found among health eateries.  (2, 6,7)

9.  Mr. C. Doyle is sick in the end, sick.  (6,4)

Answers Alphabetically:

Alice Austen House

Arthur Kill

Fresh Kills

Fort Wadsworth

Old Richmond Town

Outerbridge Crossing

St. George Theater

Staten Island Zoo

Todt Hill


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