Answers to Puzzle#16 Wordplay: Staten Isalnd Sights

Here are the answers to this week’s Richmond County puzzle.  If you haven’t played it you can go here.  If you need some answers, just click read rest of entry.

1.  Staten Island Zoo.  Believe it or not, but Atlantis snoozed is an anagram for Staten Island Zoo.  For some reason I find this delightful.  I also managed to get the four zoos in the outer boroughs into these puzzles, so that’s something as well.

2.  Todt Hill.  A bridge fare is a toll, so toll is surrounding dt for downtown and hi for a short greeting.  Todt Hill is also the highest natural elevation in the five boroughs, and you can look it up.

3.  Old Richmond Town.  Officially known as Historic Richond Town, this collection of historic buildings was created puzzle-wise by inserting the capital of Virginia (Richmond) into the Old Town SIRR stop.

4.  Fort Wadsworth.  Fort Wadsworth is officially part of the Gateway National Recreation Center and in this puzzle is found by combining an army post (fort) with Henry Wadworth Longfellow’s middle name.

5.  Fresh Kills.  The former landfill turned park is created by the anagram of her skills and adding and f.

6.  Alice Austen House.  This museum is dedicated to the life of photographer Alice Austen.  The puzzle uses TV’s Alice and TV’s House to surround Jane Austen’s surname.

7.  Outerbridge Crossing.  Take revealing someone to be gay i.e. “outing” and shove inside er (for um), bridge (for a card game) and cross (for a crucifix) and you get the aforementioned bridge to New Jersey.

8.  St. George Theatre.  The patron saint of England is St. George.  Theater is found within health eateries. 

9.  Arthur Kill.  Arthur Kill is a tidal straight or water channel in Staten Island.  In the puzzle, you take Arthur Conan Doyle’s first name and add it to the end of sick or “k” and a synonym for sick or “ill”.


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