The End of the Five Borough Tour

Cryptic Crypt

Well I have finished my cryptic clue five borough odyssey, and what have I found?  I found that people don’t really dig the cryptic clues.  Message received, I will be moving on to other types of puzzles.  Now I’m not saying the cryptic clues will be completely phased out as I still happen to like them, but they will return sparingly and in traditional form.  That is half the clue wordplay and the other half a straight up cross word clue.  I admit that what I did was too hard, but like all people starting out at something new, I am finding my way.

I hope to keep my puzzles engaging, fun and informative.  I hope to inspire you, the puzzler, to go and experience some of the New York things that I have found and made answers to my puzzles.  I too have a list of things to do and see that I discovered through research for these brainteasers, and I will report on that in the future as well.

As for the present, my Internet connection still acts up, and I still can’t get either computer in my home to read my digital camera.  I will do what I can with what I got, and maybe this is just the tech Gods way of saying, “Time to upgrade, mortal!”  We shall see.

Thanks to everyone who has come by and checked me out, and I hope to keep you coming back, get back some those you I lost, and to also get more eyeballs here.  All in the name of puzzling fun.  Friday will be another word pyramid, probably a little teaser for the holiday weekend and then some new stuff for September.  See y’all Friday!

Other Thoughts on Five Boroughs of Puzzles:

There are so many great things in New York to give shout outs to, and yet space and ease of puzzle construction dictated a lot into what made my nine clues for each borough.  For instance, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge is a magnificent structure, but a real bear for wordplay.  In all honesty the wordplay I created for the Outerbridge Crossing (the Buick La Sabre of bridges to the Verrazano’s Roll Royce) came to me in a flash, and I was about to scrap that bridge answer as well.  Of course the longer the word (or amount of words for that matter) in an answer, the more challenging to create a clue without too much “puzzle speak”.  It is a fine line for me to pushing through to “get” the clue for an answer and scrapping the answer and moving on to an “easier” answer to construct.  I have wasted time in fruitless efforts, and yet I still wonder if I had just gave it five more minutes I could have uncovered a great puzzle clue.

Having said that, there is a great satisfaction in unlocking a puzzle from the box of a word or a phrase, and I must admit that I am having more fun making puzzles then I have solving them.  I hope my joys of discovery are coming through in the puzzles, and I hope some clues have brought a smile to your face as well.


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