Answers to Puzzle#17 Word Pyramid III: Bing Bong!

If you haven’t tried the Word Pyramid puzzle, then do so.  If you need answers, they are after the break.

1. B

2. B E

3. A B E

4. B E A R

5. B A R G E

6. G O B A R E

7. G R A B O N E

8. A R I B G O N E

9. A B I G T E N O R

10. R I G H T A B O N E

11. C H E R B O A T I N G

12. B A T H I N G C H O R E

13. B R I G H T O N B E A C H

1.  The ___ Train

2. Ronettes smash ____  My Baby.

3.  Hizzonor  ___ Beame.

4.  Bull adversary according to the WSJ.

5.  Mostly known for hauling garbage around NYC.

6.  What supermodels “bravely” do in this September’s issue of Harper’s Bizarre. (2 words)

7.  Madison Ave. plea: “_____ ______ while supplies last!” (2 words)

8.  What Adam found in himself when Eve showed up. (3 words starts with the word “A”)

9.  What Marcello Giordani is right now at the Met.  (3 words, starts with the word “A”)

10.  What the orthopedic surgeons at the Hospital for Special Surgery can do for you (3 words)

11.  Sonny’s ex boating around New York Harbor? (2 words)

12.  Washing behind the ears of my little boy in our Brooklyn apartment. (2 words)

13.  The last stop on the clue #1 train. (2 words)


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