Pyramid Power!

I’m really enjoying constructing these word pyramids.  I seem to be able to create them with minimal problems, and I actually like the constraint of having a finite number of letters to use.  Constructing the puzzle feels more like solving a puzzle for me, especially when I am staring at all of the letters in Brighton Beach sans the second “B” and I come up with “Bathing Chore”.  When I go over a set of letters again and again and again, and then anything coherent pops up, it feels much more like finding an answer then creating one.

There are three challenges for me with these puzzles.  Firstly, I want to start with a different letter than any previous pyramids that I have done before for Puzzling New York City.  This means that B, N, and O are now off my list.  Only 23 more to go!  The trick is that I would like to have a legitimate one letter answer to start, and I have already used “blank” train and Avenue “blank”.  We’ll see how this goes.  The other two challenges are to keep as many clues as New York-centric as possible and to avoid extreme “puzzle speak”.  I think the most puzzle speak thing I got this time around was “Right A Bone”, but I didn’t find the phrase too jarring.  As for “Cher Boating”, I could have gone with “Herb Coating”, but the image of Cher toodling about New York Harbor in a yacht was just too delicious for me.

This brings me to the New York-centric phase.  Some things are totally based on New york stuff, like Go Bare.  The latest issue of Harper’s Bizarre (HQ’d in NYC) has supermodels who have dared to have their picture taken with no make-up on.  The mag itself called it Go Bare.  Go Fig.  Oh, and the models are shot in black and white with perfect lighting so they just still happen to look gorgeous.  Again, so brave of you ladies, so brave.  Other clues need more finesse to get into NYC.  For instance, an ad catch phrase (Grab One!) becomes a New York thing because the advertising world can still be referred to as Madison Avenue.  The Adam and Eve clue on the other hand was way too universal to jam into say St. Patrick’s Cathedral, so I let that one stand without a NYC reference.  So be it.

Is it a bit of a pain to make as close to 100% of my clues be about New York City?  Not really.  I am finding that the Big Apple has both a big reach and a big embrace when  it comes to the rest of the world.  It also provides a flavor to these puzzles that I like, and hopefully is paletable to you as well.

Holiday Weekend Puzzle

Friday’s post will be a short brainteaser.  Monday’s post will  be a short answer.  Tuesday’s post will have some info in it regarding September’s puzzles.


For anyone who cares:  Throbbing Ache is a true anagram for Brighton Beach.  Take from that whatever you want…


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