And We’re Back!

So after a hiatus and a busted up toe, where do we stand?  Flat-footed.  (Thanks Groucho) Anywho, here’s what has happened with/to the Puzzling New York City Blog since the last brainteaser:

A Handy Dandy List of Puzzles to Date:  Found in this post.

A Handy Dandy List of Answers to Said Puzzles to Date:  Found in this post.

General Clean Up:  Blog posts are being categorized and tagged.

Technical Issues:  Still with us.  This may require money to solve these problems, so we shall see.

So I while I continue to get the posts in order, he’s some announcements:

unfinished Announcement:

I am in contact with Scott M.X. Turner, quizmaster of the Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz, and it looks like I will be doing another guest round this month.  More when the date is finalized.

Re-Start Announcement:

A brand new puzzle will be posted Friday!  It will be the fourth of  (hopefully) twenty-six NYC themed word pyramids.

And In the Future Announcements (This is Kinda Cool):

I have some future puzzles that will involve PRIZES!  I don’t want to give too much away, but these will be a lot coming down the pike in this area.  I am working on puzzles that lend themselves to giving away puzzle theme prizes.  The first one should be coming in October as well!

Mystery Announcement:


Actually too far off, will tell later.


See y’all Friday.


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