Answers to Puzzle#19 Word Pyramid IV: Money, Money, Money

It has been so long since I have posted the answers to a word pyramid that I had to go to old posts and see how I did it.  Still a wee bit rusty here.  Anyway, if you haven’t tried this weeks pyramid you can do so here.  If you tried any of the puzzles in the recap post and you are looking for those answers, all those links are in this post.  Finally and ironically first mostly, for the answers to this weeks puzzle, just click “Read the rest of this entry.  Happy Columbus Day to all you latter day Romans and workers lucky enough to still get the day off.

1. L

2. E L

3. L E T

4. T A L E

5. L A T E R

6. T A L L E R

7. R A T E L L E

8. A L L E T T E R

9. T A L L T R E E S

10. W A L L S T R E E T



1.  Stock ticker symbol of large New York City based conglomerate associated with the New York Giants. (The “L” stands for the Loews Corporation and not the Home Improvement store chain.  Loews Corporation has been associated with the Tisch family, who also own the New York Giants.)

2.  Slang for an above ground Subway.

3.  A minor service error at the U.S. Open in Flushing.

4.  A Bronx ____.

5.  Former Bob Costas talk show.

6.  What the buildings in Manhattan are to tourists.

7.  Former New York Ranger great Jean.

8.  Mr.Hirschfeld corospondance.  (2 words)

9.  A kite fliers dilemma in Sunset Park.  (2 words)

10.  Where the Bull and the Bears do battle.  (2 words)


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