Rocky’s and Still No Answers to Puzzle #20

Once again I am the guest round at tonight’s Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz!  If you’re gonna be nearby the Red Hook IKEA tonight, come on down.  My round will be general knowledge with a twist!  Mwaah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa!

Nobody has emailed an answer to the su-do-kode puzzle yet and I find this inconceivable since a grand total of, wait a minute let me look this up… 57 PEOPLE have checked the blog since I posted the puzzle.  Why that’s enough people to make a subway car moderately crowded.  Surely someone will rise to the challenge and win the first Puzzling New York City Prize ever!

Tomorrow’s puzzle will be tonight’s guest round.  See if you can score better than teams of enebriated pub quiz-philes!


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