Puzzle #21 Trivia: The Ends of the Earth

So while I still await an answer submission for Puzzle #20,  I say we move on to puzzle #21.  Last night I was the guest quizzer for the Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz, and today’s post is that quiz.  Thanks again to Scott M.X. Turner for letting me do my puzzling thing in public.  Are there laws against that sort of thing?  Anyway, my contribution to the evening was a New York City general knowledge with a twist.  One team, named Just a Bit of the Tip, got all of the questions correct.   And now it is your challenge, can you run the table o’ trivia?  Try your hand.  Happy Puzzling!

TITLE:  The Ends of the Earth


 1.  Who is the current Attorney General of the United States of America?

 2.  What is the largest city run hospital in the borough of Queens?

 3.  What is the traditional Long Island summer getaway for New York’s elite?

 4.  What Chelsea resident actor was nominated for a Tony Award for the play Coast of Utopia and is currently appearing in the film New York, I Love You?

 5.   What kind of writing is found on Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park?

 6.  What New York Neighborhood is bounded by the East River to the east, East 96th Street to the south, 5th Avenue to the West, and the Harlem River to the North?

 7.  What former New York Yankee great won the American League MVP award in 1963?

 8.  Which actor played the Ghostbuster who said the line, “That’s a big Twinkie.”?

 BONUS (2 parts):  Did you get a theme for your eight answers, and what the #&!@ does the title of this quiz have to do with the answers?


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