Answers to Puzzles #20 Su-do-kode AND #21 The Ends of the Earth

Pencils up and walk away, because we have a winner for the Su-do-kode puzzle from two weeks ago!  From the vast amount of entry received, the winner is:  Max Symuleski (I hope I’m pronouncing that right).  Max’s entry went above and beyond supplying the answer and the row or column it appears on, but was a pdf of the entire puzzle solved.  Well done!  Here is the completed puzzle: 

sudokode answer

Yes the answer is Katz’s Deli!  Your humble puzzler is in contact with Max right now on the prize, and when a choice is made I will let you know!  Congratulations to Max for being the inaugural prize winner in the life of The Puzzling New York City Blog!


I also have the answers to the Trivia Quiz which was the guest round that emceed at the World Famous Rocky’s Sullivan’s Pub Quiz!  If you haven’t tried the Quiz yet use the link above.  If you need the answers, then continue by clicking below.


 1.  Who is the current Attorney General of the United States of America?

 2.  What is the largest city run hospital in the borough of Queens?

 3.  What is the traditional Long Island summer getaway for New York’s elite?

 4.  What Chelsea resident actor was nominated for a Tony Award for the play Coast of Utopia and is currently appearing in the film New York, I Love You?

 5.   What kind of writing is found on Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park?

 6.  What New York Neighborhood is bounded by the East River to the east, East 96th Street to the south, 5th Avenue to the West, and the Harlem River to the North?

 7.  What former New York Yankee great won the American League MVP award in 1963?

 8.  Which actor played the Ghostbuster who said the line, “That’s a big Twinkie.”?

 BONUS (3pts):  What the #&!@ does the title of this quiz have to do with the answers?


 1.  Eric Holder

 2.  Elmhurst Hospital

 3.  East Hampton

 4.  Ethan Hawke

 5.  Egyptian Hieroglyphics

 6.  East Harlem

 7.  Elston Howard

 8.  Ernie Hudson

 BONUS:  The last two letters of “the” and “earth” are E and H.  All answers have the initials E.H.


Every guest round ends with a free drink question and here’s last mine from last week:

Free Drink Question:  What is the winningest professional sports franchise that represents New York City?

Answers in tomorrow’s post.  Happy Puzzling!


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