Puzzle #22: Wordplay: Poltergeists

Happy Halloween everybody!  In honor of All Hallows Eve, we’ve got a mystery (Roh-roh Raggy!) and a ghost problem.  In fact, I’ve got a bunch of answers infected by poltergeists!  Allow me to explain.  Below is a list of clues to fifteen one word answers.  The answers are all pretty random words, but all of the answers also contain poltergeists.  Poltergeists are letters that don’t really belong there, and if you exercise these ghosties (remove them from the word), a new word will appear.  These poltergeist free words are all related, and the theme is somewhat timely.  What is the connection of the poltergeist free word list?  That’s your mystery.  -Insert maniacal laugh here –  To help you along your ghostbustin’ ways, I have included two numbers in parenthesis after each clue.  The first number s the number of letters in the answer to the clue, and the struckout number represents the number of poltergeists that need to be removed from the word to create the final answer.  No letters need to be rearranged to get the final answer.  Just remove the poltergeists and the final answer will magically appear.  Happy Puzzling!

1.  Little green man (7, 1)

2.  He usually wear motley and bells (6, 1)

3.  One’s choice of doing things (8, 4)

4.  Piece of referee’s equipment (7, 2)

5.  Take apart (9, 3)

6.  A college in Poughkeepsie (6, 1)

7.  Norwegian coastline feature (5, 1)

8.  To make record of (8, 4)

9.  Not said under one’s breath but ____  (5, 1)

10.  A small skinny boat (5, 1)

11.  Long unbroken waves (6, 1)

12.  Supported a motion (8, 4)

13.  Gather together something unruly (7, 3)

14.  European seaside resort (7, 1)

15.  Prepared dinner (6, 2)

Theme of Poltergeist Free Answers: __________________________


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