Answers to Puzzle #22: Wordplay: Poltergeists

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and enjoyed the extra hour to sleep it off.  Here are the answers to the Halloween inspired poltergeists word puzzle.  If you haven’t faced the word haunting yet and you want to try the puzzle go here.  Those who have already tangled with the ghostly words and need the answers,  click below.

Note:  The list of answers to the clues first and the second word is the word list answer with the extra letters dispelled.

1.  Little green man (7, 1):  Martian, Martin

2.  He usually wear motley and bells (6, 1): Jester, Jeter

3.  One’s choice of doing things (8, 4): Druthers, Ruth

4.  Piece of referee’s equipment (7, 2):  Whistle, White

5.  Take apart (9, 3):  Dismantle, Mantle

6.  A college in Poughkeepsie (6, 1):  Marist, Maris

7.  Norwegian coastline feature (5, 1):  Fjord, Ford

8.  To make record of (8, 4):  Document, Dent

9.  Not said under one’s breath but ____  (5, 1):  Aloud, Alou

10.  A small skinny boat (5, 1):  Canoe, Cano

11.  Long unbroken waves (6, 1):  Swells, Wells

12.  Supported a motion (8, 4):  Seconded, Cone

13.  Gather together something unruly (7, 3):  Wrangle, Wang

14.  European seaside resort (7, 1):  Riviera, Rivera

15.  Prepared dinner (6, 2):  Cooked, Coke

The theme of the words with the poltergeists removed, in honor of their return to the World Series,  is past and present New York Yankees.


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