Puzzle #23: Wordplay & Trivia: Musical NYC I: From the Hit Broadway Show…

Now that’s a title that wouldn’t fit on a marquis!  This week’s puzzle comes directly from the distinctly New York art form:  The Musical.  I have taken phrases and words from the titles of songs of 11 past and present Broadway shows (and 1 Off-Broadway) and mashed them up to form coherent (mostly) sentences and phrases.  Punctuation and capitalisation of words in the clues are all mine, but every word in each clue does come from the titles of the songs in the score of an individual musical.  Can you identify the 12 musicals from the bits and pieces of their song titles that I have sliced, diced and Edelweiss-ed?  If you can, and you email the correct answer to puzzlingnyc<at>gmail<dot>com you will get a prize!  And this time I actually have the prize in my possession (working on yours Max, working on it!)!  The first to get the correct answer to me will receive the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Shrek the Musical.  Happy Puzzling!

1.  Sit down, be a lady and marry the man!

2.  So long, my favorite Maria.

3.  Pacienca y fe, it won’t be long.  Breathe.

4.  Remember, it’s gonna rain; plant a radish.

5.  I wanna keep it gay and be the king of Springtime.

6.  Tonight, I feel something’s coming, Maria.

7.  I dreamed lovely ladies sing on my empty tables.

8.  The Ballad of Joanna, a Little Priest, and the Linnet Bird.

9.  Nowadays I can’t do that jazz, Mama.

10.  Follow me.  C’est Moi?  Fie!

11.  The music of the masquerade makes me laugh.

12.  Coney Island New York, ya got me carried away.


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    […] We have an even longer post title!  This breaks the site record for post title length set by, um, last week’s puzzle.  Anyway, we had a winning submission for Friday’s homage to the Great White way!  […]

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