Answers to Puzzle #23: Wordplay & Trivia: Musical NYC I: From the Hit Broadway Show…

We have an even longer post title!  This breaks the site record for post title length set by, um, last week’s puzzle.  Anyway, we also had a winning submission for Friday’s homage to the Great White way!  Congratulations to pipergirlp for submitting the winning entry!  I would like to say the Shrek’s in the mail, but our honored winner has humbly refused the prize, so I’ll have to keep my insidious puns to myself.  If you haven’t clicked tried the puzzle click on the link above.  If you have tried the puzzle and want to check your musical acumen then click below.  Oh, and I will be posting some thoughts about these show tomorrow for those interested in such things.

NOTE:  I am listing the answers to this puzzle in the following format:  Name of show, followed by the song titles in their entirety.  The words used to make up the clues will appear in bold in the song titles.  Zer gut?

1.  Guys and Dolls:  Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat, Luck Be a Lady, Marry the Man Today

2.  The Sound of Music: So Long, Farewell, My Favorite Things, (How Do You Solve a Problem Like) Maria

3.  In the Heights:  Paciencia y Fe, It Won’t Be Long Now, Breathe (Respira)

4.  The Fantasticks:  Try to Remember, Soon It’s Gonna Rain, Plant a Radish

5.  The Producers:  I Wanna Be a Producer, Keep It Gay, Leo and Max, The King of Broadway, Springtime for Hitler

6.  West Side Story:  Tonight, I Feel Pretty, Something’s Coming, Maria

7.  Les Miserables:  I  Dreamed a Dream, Lovely Ladies, Do You Hear the People Sing, On My Own, Empty Chairs for Empty Tables

8.  Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street:  The Ballad of Sweeny Todd, Joanna, A Little Priest, Green Finch and Linnet Bird

9.  Chicago:  Nowadays, I Can’t Do It Alone, All That Jazz, When You’re Good to Mama

10.  Camelot  Follow Me, C’est Moi?, Fie, On Goodness!

11.  The Phantom of the Opera:  The Music of the Night, Masquerade, Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh

12.  On The Town:  Imaginary Coney Island, New York, New York, Ya Got Me, Carried Away


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