Answers to Puzzle #24 Word pyramid V: True Believers

If you haven’t tried Friday’s puzzle yet go here.  If you have tried the puzzle, and you are stumped and awaiting someone to send the correct answer to me so I will post the answers for you, weeeeellllllll, nobody did so yet.  I am going to post the answers below anyway, even though the prize is still unclaimed.  Why?  You have to click below to find out.

1.  X

2.  O X

3.  L O X

4.  L E O X

5.  R O L E X

6. L E O R E X

7.  S E X L O R E

8.  E X C L O S E R

9. E X C E L S I O R

1.  What Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm all have on their costumes

2.  The current year being celebrated in Chinatown

3.  This goes great with a schmeer

4.  The Pope at the time Martin Luther ( who is commemorated by a playground on 2nd Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and that is as close as I can possibly get to making this clue NYC-centric!) was nailing theses to church doors (1 word, 1 letter)

5.  Watch brand that Jay-Z touts

6.  Lat. Lion King Lit. (2 words)

7.  Subject of museum located on 27th & 5th in Manhattan, and who’s website is blocked at my job (2 words)

8.  What Billy Wagner is to the Mets (hyph.)

9.  New York State’s Motto


Excelsior! was also Stan Lee’s sign off on letter pages when he was running Marvel Comics, so the entire word pyramid is inspired by New York’s own Marvel Comics.  As for a couple of specific things, LEO REX is the Latin translation of Lion King, and the Museum of Sex’s website is indeed blocked by IT at my job.  So much for cheap thrills.

Now about “a prize”…  the prize for this puzzle was going to be no prize at all in honor of Marvel Comics “No-Prize“.  So since I am giving nothing away for submitting the correct answers first, I didn’t think it was so bad to give out the answers ahead of time.  You can still email the above answers to puzzlingnyc <at>gmail <dot>com to get credit for being the first to do so.  For whatever that would be worth.


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