Answers to Puzzle #25 Wordplay: Broadway Redefined

Some sort of cold/flu is just about done working its way through my household, so Thanksgiving should be salvaged, but the blog has suffered.  Anyway, the answers to Friday’s puzzle are below (albeit a couple of days late).  This Friday will either be a little brain teaser or I am just going to take the Holiday off.  Thank you for bearing with me this week and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

1.  Hot shot = Showboat

2.  Detroit Gridiron-er Sacramento Baller = Lion King

3.  Own Alternative = Rent

4.  Long For Old Ho Chi Min City = Miss Saigon

5.  The Tumbler Zoo = The Glass Menagerie

6.  Everythings Rise Up That Finishes a Water Supply = All Well That Ends Well

7.  Coil Sudden Self-Discovery = Spring Awakening

8.  Disbelief = Doubt

9.  Sounds Funny = Noises Off

10.  The Grumpy TV MD of Azure Book Pages = The House of Blue Leaves

11.  A Half Dozen Phd’s of removal = Six Degrees of Separation

12.  Lengthy 24 Hour’s Trip Into Time of Darkness = Long Day’s Journey Into Night


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