Puzzle #27 Wordplay: Yr n Rvw

Along with Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year’s celebration, we are also flying headlong into the Best of, Top Ten List and Year in Review season.  Yes, once again television, print media and the blogo’webo’ramma will be chock full of the remembrances of the year past.  Well, here at Puzzling New York City I too have succumbed to the Siren son of the Year in Review, but I choose to do it on puzzle form.  Below is a list of people, places, things and events that made news in NYC since 1/1/09.  I have taken the liberty of removing all of the vowels for each one.  Can you figure out who or what each is?  Please note that the letter “Y” has been removed from the clues when the letter is acting as a vowel (that’s why “Y” is in the heading for this puzzle dontcha know).  Any “Y’s” found below are consonants.  Happy Puzzling!

“Brn” Mdff

Chsl “Sll” Sllnbrgr

Dvd Lttrmn

Frdm Twr

Grg Stphnpls

Hdk Mts

Jhn L

Kndnsk t th Gggnhm

Ld Gg

Mb Kflzgh

Nw Ynk Stdm

Pdr spd

Rbrt F. Knnd Brdg

Sny Stmr

tlntc Yrds

Vsv Bkr

Wrld Srs Prd

Ysmn Rz

Zh Zh Pts


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2 Responses to “Puzzle #27 Wordplay: Yr n Rvw”

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