Answers to Puzzle #28 Brainteaser New York A to Z: Famous New Yorkers

I’m a day late on this one, due to the holiday crunch (which only confirms to me that the decision to take the holidays off is a good one!).  Anyway, this week’s puzzle challenged you to go through the alphabet by naming celebrated New Yorkers.  The challenge was to use up all the letters in the alphabet in as few names and/or letters as possible.  Here’s my  shortest list:

Humphrey Bogart – Famed Movie Star was born in NYC on Christmas Day (so it even keeps with the holidays)

Liz Smith – New York Gossip Columnist

Robin Quivers – Howard Stern’s Sidekick Extraordinaire

Jack Gilford – Very Funny Character Actor Who Befell the McCarthy Blacklist

Max Weinberg – Bandleader for Conan O’Brien

That is five names totaling 56 letters.  If you can do better than that, drop a comment to this post.


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