Answers to Puzzle #29: Word Pyramid VI: Sports Section

Welcome to the answers for the first puzzle of ’10!  If you didn’t try the puzzle, then go here.  Click below for the answers.

1. K

2. K O

3. O A K

4. S O A K

5. T O A S K

6. O K S T A T

7. T A K E S O T 

8. S K A T E O U T

9. O U T S T R E A K

10. A S T R I K E O U T


1.  A letter you will find on a scorecard at Keyspan Park if a pitcher is going good that day…

2.  Joe Louis did this to Max Schmeling at Yankee Stadium on June 22, 1938.

3.  Nickname of famous Knick Charles.

4.  What a rain delay or a concession stand at Yankee Stadium can do to you.

5.  New York sports reporters can not be afraid ___ ___ the tough questions.  (2 words)

6.  An average average (2 abbrev.)

7.  What the basketball game needs when St. John’s ends the second half 68-68. (1 word, 1 abbrev.)

8.  What the Rangers do when the hit their playing surface. (2 words)

9.  Anti-DiMaggio hitting futility? (2 words)

10.  …and what the letter on the top of the pyramid stands for. (3 words, first word”a”)


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