Puzzle# 30 Wordplay: Gone but Not Frgttn

In honor of the closing of the once iconic eatery Tavern on the Green, I am using lost New York City places as the theme for this week’s puzzle.  Below is a list of gone but not forgotten places from New York’s both recent and distant past.  Like I did for the Yr n Rvw puzzle, I have removed the vowels from the words.  Your job is to identify these lost treasures.  I dropped any “The”‘s from the beginning of any answer, the letter “Y” was removed if it functioned as a vowel (you rascally letter, you), but I have kept any punctuation in place in names.  For example, The Tavern on the Green would have appeared as Tvrn nth Grn, Yankee Stadium would have been Ynk Stdm, and Snooky’s would have appeared as Snk’s (I loved Snooky’s, sniff).  How many of the twelve below can you figure out?  Happy Puzzling!

1.  strlnd


3.  bbts Fld

4.  Gg nd Tllnr

5.  Hrlm Rnssnc Bllrm

6.  Mnn’s Msc

7.  McHl’s

8.  Mndnc Dnr

9.  Nw Yrk Clsm

10.  Pl Grnds

11.  Sh Stdm

12.  Tts Shr’s

Notes:  In case it is unclear, number 2 is just an apostrophe,  and if anyone else finds the changing of New York’s landscape as fascinating as I do, check out the Lost City Blog.  I used this blog as a reference for this puzzle, and I liked it a lot.


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