Answers to Puzzle#31: Word Jumble: Imperious Rex!

 Well that didn’t help.  If you tried Friday’s word jumble and solved it, you’ll know what I mean.  If you don’t know what I mean, well click below to see the answers and find out.

Note:  The letters that appear in red are the ones that were on the red blanks of the puzzle.


1. Planes do this on a runway or Jets do this in an end zone.

2.  Priority one in an airport or two points.

3.  Old NYC set soap or a head coach’s desire.

4.  He or she hurts rushing in an airport or he helps rushing on the football field.

5.  Nickname for legendary QB or a Theatre District cup of coffee?

6.  _______ pattern or _______ penalty.


1.   T O U C H D O W N (1 word, 9 letters)

2.  S A F E T Y (1 word, 6 letters)

3.  R YN‘ S    H O P E (2 words, 9 letters)

4.  G U A R D  (1 word, 5 letters)

5.  B R O A D W A Y     J O E (2 words, 11 letters)

6.  H O L D I N G  (1 word, 7 letters)


G O   J E T S!

B E A T   I N D Y!

Oh well…  Oh, and BTW Imperious Rex was for Rex Ryan, Jets head coach.  I just may have missed my calling as a Post back pager headline writer.


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