Answers to Puzzle #32: Triviography I: The Bronx is Up and the Battery’s Down

If you did not try Friday’s geographical puzzle, fear not, for I have linked it here.  If you need the answers, click below.

1.  The Town Hall is further uptown than City Hall.

2.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art is further up town than The Museum of Natural History, by only two blocks.

3.  Lincoln Center is further uptown than Carnegie Hall.  (Practice, practice, practice.)

4.  Grand Central Terminal is further uptown than The Port Authority Bus Terminal, but only because one boarders the uptown side of 42nd Street and the other boarders the downtown side.

5.  John Jay Park is further uptown then John Jay College.

6.  Chelsea Piers is further uptown than Chelsea Market, but you are more likely to see a Food Network celb at the market.

7.  Avengers Mansion is further uptown than The Baxter Building… in the Marvel Universe.

8.  The General Motors Building is further uptown then The Chrysler Building, but I’ll bet you didn’t even know the GM Building existed.

9.  The Lake in Central Park is further uptown than the Pond.

10.  Columbia University is further uptown than The Cathedral of St. John the Devine, but they are across the street from each other.

11.  And in one of the most delightful quirks of New York City, 259 West 4th Street is further uptown than 189 West 10th Street.  How?  I’ll just let you Casey Stengel that one: “You can look it up”.


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