Puzzle #34 Brain Teaser: Where Ya’ Been? (Answer Included!)

Hello.  There was no puzzle posted last Friday, but I am able to post one today.  Why the week’s delay?  Solve the puzzle to find out.  Since I missed a week, I will include the answer today instead of Monday.  Also look in the answer section for a special announcement.  Happy Puzzling!

So, you can’t figure out what happened to me?  OK, click below for the answer.


Separated my shoulder on West 35th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway.  Yep, I took a bad fall and I am still in great pain over a week later.  I am now in the second week of at least six weeks in a sling.  WEEEEEEEEEE!  Even though I was out a week with “a shoulder” as the sports guys say, I still intend to keep the puzzle train rolling!  My intention is to keep up the weekly puzzle pace for this blog, and we shall see if little things like, oh, physical therapy derail this goal.  Stay tuned…


I don’t know what this says about timing, but I have signed up for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.  I wanted to give the tourney a go after seeing the documentary Wordplay, but I was never able to get out to Hartford, CT to attend.  Well, guess what?  The event moved to Brooklyn in 2009 and this year I had a window to attend.  So tonight, busted shoulder and all, I will be attending the opening gala and I will participate in the tournament proper over weekend.  Predictions for the weekend:

1.  I will find out that I am better at creating puzzles than solving them.

2.  I will try not to totally geek out if I meet Will Shortz.

3.  I will try not to let a shoulder trump a brain.

I will post as often as I can about the tournament, but this is all for now as I am still a bit shaky with one-handed typing thingy.


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One Response to “Puzzle #34 Brain Teaser: Where Ya’ Been? (Answer Included!)”

  1. magpie jen Says:

    Best of luck big bro’! Hopefully they won’t be doing any drug testing – “I swear it’s medication for my shoulder!!!” ; )

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