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Puzzle# 14 Wordplay: Queens Sights

August 9, 2009

I had a great beach day with Max and mommy, thanks for asking.  Here’s this weeks puzzle a day late but thankfully not sunburned.  This week I am returning to the cryptic clue five borough tour with a stop in Queens.  Below you will find clues to nine famous sights/places in Queens county.  Once again the clues will be in cryptic form, or each clue will be its own little word puzzle.  Look for puns, words hidden within words, anagrams etc.  I am also going to include a list of answers after a break in case of major stumpage so that you can reverse engineer some answers.  As always the number of letter for each word of the answer will appear in parenthesis after each clue.  Happy puzzling!

1.  Taken from illicit items and filed incorrectly. (4, 5)

2.  Purging with Tony and Carmella’s daughter and her clone.  (8, 7)

3. Messed up Punisher stands atop Everest. (9)

4.  The Italian Guard at English Aeropurto. (9, 7)

5.  Mr.  Hudson is gone to the shore.  (8, 5)

6.  Male Monarchs Mates Menagerie.  (5, 3)

7.  Informal Beuraguard, he-man with myself meets with former gameshow host Monte.  (8, 4)

8.  The biggest isle in the Continental USA with Carrie Bradshaw’s sex partner.  (4, 5, 4)

9.  Plato’s pal, a carved likeness and a baseball field.  (8, 9, 4)



Puzzle# 11 Wordplay: Sister Cities

July 17, 2009

One of the great things about doing this blog is that I am learning about all kinds of stuff about New York City.  For instance, did you know about the Sister Cities?  Sister Cities are global partnerships between like cities throughout the world.  I find this to be fascinating stuff.  Do you know how many Sister Cities New York City has?  Two?  Four?  Try ten!  Yes world, we really are that cool.  I mean everyone wants to be our Sister City.  Ten is also a perfect number of answers for a puzzle, dontcha know, and I have stepped up and filled the Sister Cities of New York City puzzling void, ’cause that’s what I do.  Once again we will go the cryptic clue route.  If you need a list of New York’s Sister Cities to help you, I’m sure you can find them somewhere.  Again look for all kinds of wordplay within the clues, and the number of letters per word of each answer will follow the clues in parenthesis.  Happy puzzling!

1.  Found within December omens (4)

2.  Canada’s dollar bird flies around North Dakota (6)

3.   Sat on confused Placido (5, 7)

4.  It is the air found in Colorado (5)

5.  Mother, the surgeon has a credential (6)

6.  At first Irving and Jong were consumed by existing (7)

7.  Clumsily took a Spanish article (5)

8.  Mr. Selig is with a trying person (8)

9.  Peru with a primary loss of 6 looks to Oregon’s capital (9)

10.  Pitcher Santana is Spanish and backwards when it comes to food (12)

Puzzle #10 Wordplay: The Bronx

July 11, 2009

Sorry for the late post but, today I had to go through a medical procedure.  Probably nothing serious, but I have reached the glorious age where when things are found through routine check ups the doctor says, “It is probably nothing serious, but you should get this checked out.”  So I did.

So a hair belatedly, I present the next borough in my cryptic clues theme and this time it is The Bronx.  Once again, cryptic clues are little puzzles unto themselves, and this is an excellent explanation and solving tips for cryptic crosswords.

Now I have been told that these puzzles are a bit too hard for you guys, so I am going to change it up a bit.  I will give the clues and the letters per word in parenthesis, but I will also include a list of the places in The Bronk after a jump.  I will not spell out exactly how each clue relates to the places, and the “answers” will be alphabetical and not match up in order of the clues, but you can do some reverse engineering to get answers to you are stuck on.  On Monday, I will provide the detailed answers as usual.  Hopefully, this will make these types of puzzles more fun for you guys.  So without further adieu, Happy Puzzling!

1. Super Scheme 101 (5, 9)

2. Replay each bar chord (7,5)

3. In the first quarter, CUNY advances in full, and it sounds like by an eyelash Seton Hall is dropped for Notre Dame (4,6)

4. American poet Cummings presents disjointed “I am stud” (6, 7)

5. Ex-Met Darling with another ex surrounded by mixed up clown (5, 3)

6. Even Ruth aura clouded (6, 6)

7. Navy woman at Hawaii Little League (4, 4)

8. Edgar Allen presents “Cage fora New York Giants Catcher” (3, 7)

9. Boogiedown Biology (5, 7)


Puzzle #3 Wordplay: Manhattan Sights

May 22, 2009

New York’s most famous borough is in the spotlight this week.  The following clues will all lead you to an answer that is a famous place on the island bought for beads.   Each clue is a mini-word puzzle.  Look for anagrams, hidden words, and all kinds of word shenanigans.   Once again I will list the number of letters in each word of the answer in parenthesis after each clue to help focus your search.  If you like this puzzle, try Puzzle #1 and Puzzle #2.  Happy Puzzling!

  1. Charlie Chalin signature character (3,4)
  2. Finally done with last tee (5)
  3. This Pheline’z got ya’ tongue (5)
  4. I call it: The Stir Close mix’d (3, 9)
  5. Past President anchoring the Knicks (7, 6)
  6. Dweeb past prez flipped over rows of veggies (7, 6, 6)
  7. A thousand diatribes to Michael Bloomberg (6,4)
  8. Maroon Record Emporium (6,4,5)
  9. Say goodnight punchline cracked up in Spanish hands (6, 7)

Puzzle#2 Wordplay: Neighborhoods

May 15, 2009

New York City is a city of neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods are often as much defined by ethnicity or class as street boundaries.   Some neighborhoods have become enclaves for particular ethnic groups, such as Chinatown or Little Italy.  Other neighborhoods are constantly being redefined by their residential make up, such as Park Slope, Brooklyn.  New York City is a quilt of neighborhoods whose pattern is always changing.  These changes produce both the wonderful kinetic energy of the city, and the tensions of “new” versus “old”, rich versus poor, and progress versus history.

There are also many neighborhood names that are awesome for wordplay!  Again, the clues are all in the form of wordplay, each one their own mini-puzzle.  I have fifteen (I got on a role) neighborhoods represented in today’s puzzle.  Three from each of the five boroughs.  I have provided the borough for each one at the end of every clue, so I am not totally heartless.

Don’t for get to check out the first Puzzling New York City entry here, and tips on solving these kind of word puzzles here.


  1. “S” if taken too literally. (Bk)
  2. _______?  Nope, she came of her own accord! (Nyuk Nyuk) (Q)
  3. Shoo!  Fly away! (M)
  4. Gay bride danced around. (Bk)
  5. Mood within the tribe?  Cautious… (M)
  6. Termite Townhouse?  (M)
  7. Tori’s in with Asa. (Q)
  8. Firstly, don’t upset my brother, OK? (Bk)
  9. New Country’s mortal enemy. (S.I.)
  10. Staten Island, formally known as, Lauryn. (Q)
  11. Headless beast and Chet (formally) (Bx)
  12. Best neighb to whack a dragon? (S.I.)
  13. Archie and the gang’s home?  Kinda. (Bx)
  14. Car maker and over actor respectively. (Bx)
  15. Donnie “Cowpad” Brostroop III

Puzzle on!  Answers Monday.

Greetings! Puzzle #1: Brooklyn Sights

May 8, 2009

Welcome to Puzzling New York City!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will enjoy the offerings now and in the weeks to come.  I enjoy a good puzzle, especially word puzzles, and I am also hopelessly smitten with New York City, so I figured I would combine these two loves and see what happens.  Here’s how its going to work.  I will be posting every Friday, Monday and Tuesday to start.  Every Friday will be a new puzzle whose theme and answers will be inspired by the Big Apple.  I will post the answers to the puzzle on Monday, so you can waste a perfectly good weekend on a puzzle.  Tuesday’s post will involve the interesting things I have learned about NYC through researching and creating these puzzles.  I hope to find out more about this great city I call home, and I would love to find and pass on little nuggets of information or  hidden gems within the Five Boroughs.

Now Friday’s posts will mostly be word puzzles, but I will also post trivia, scavenger hunts and other brain teasers, so if you are not a fan of crosswords or anagrams, check back from time to time.  You may find something to your liking.  Monday’s answers will give some insight to the creation of the puzzle as well, unless everyone finds that dead boring.  If I have too much material for a Tuesday post, I will post other days as well that week, and I will alert y’all accordingly.

The most important thing that I want to accomplish with this blog is that you, the puzzlers, enjoy the puzzles.  Crazy, right?  Well, while I am quite proud of the puzzles I have ready and raring to go, this is not about me trying to show you guys how clever I am.  It is about creating enjoyable challenges, so feedback is more than greatly appreciated.  I may like a certain type of word puzzle that everyone who finds this blog loathes, and I would want to know that and adjust my approach accordingly.  One word of warning, however (cue ominous music)…  I will try to post challenging puzzles.  I like to stretch my brain around difficult wordplay.  I do not like the term “dumbed down”, but I am trying to appeal to real puzzleheads here, so there will be some intricate wordplay involved.

Now having said that, I will probably will have my first puzzle solved in ten minutes by everyone who stumbles across it.

This is the first step for me as a puzzlemaker and a blogger, and I have ideas for some wild things in the future, but it all has to start somewhere, and for me somewhere is here.

When beginning things of this nature, it is customary to thank those who have helped me get to the starting line.  Thanks to Pookie, Snookie, Eleanor for blogging guidance.  Thanks to Scott Turner at Superba Graphics for the wicked cool banner and logo.   Thanks to Mom, Dad, Sis, my wife Liz and our boy Max.  Your love is the real deal.

And now, without any further ado:

They say write about what you know.  Well, I have lived in Brooklyn for over fifteen years now, and I am proud to call Kings county home.  The answer to each clue of this puzzle is a well known Brooklyn sight.  Each clue is a mini-puzzle in itself,  much in the style of cryptic crossword puzzle clues.  Here is an excellent explanation and solving tips for cryptic crosswords. I have kept the tradition of putting the number of letters in each word of the answer in parenthesis next to each clue, but, and this is a big but, I have broken with the tradition of having half of the cryptic clue be a literal definition of the answer.  Why?  This is a themed puzzle, and each clue would have some variation of “Brooklyn sight or…”.   Boring!  So the clues are all wordplay.  Happy solving!

  1. Emeril exclamation and an invisible rabbit  (3, 6)
  2. Young up and comer plays PR kazoo (8, 4, 3)
  3. This old house is built around sour notes (3, 5, 5)
  4. Red now reversed last prez dog order (6, 5)
  5. Third year student’s love cheesecake? (7)
  6. A thousand black knights and a playa who steps it up a notch in the fourth (5, 4, 5)
  7. The Big Apple presents Julius Caesar’s water and Capt. Morgan’s laced with iodine (3, 4, 8 )
  8. Lyn’s mumu booker is in disarray. (8, 6)