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Puzzle #8 Wordplay: Puns

June 26, 2009

I love puns.  I’d have to Shea that this affliction goes back as far as I can remember.  It seems that I think of a good groaner and I can’t keep my Penn Station-ary.  Honestly, I can borough-ly contain myself.  I try to take the Highline, but with a Clinton my eye, I can’t resist and descend to Corney Island in a hurry.  Avenue appreciation for this mental quirk as I now puzzle along week after week.  So please don’t punish me for going pun-ish, but put your thinKings Manhattan, Queens up your act, go for the gold and not the Bronx, and feel like a Richmond by trying to guess the NYC places, streets and sights that are punnily described below.  Happy puzzling! 

1.  Four of deese would make a Gallon Street?

2.  Kings County hipsters dental work?

3.  Block on which St. Nick’s kid resides?

4.  Island home of skinny kangas?

5.  Perhaps leafy greens on the sandy shoreline?

6.  The block that contains a complete 2000 lbs.?

7.  One pulled by the rope play baseball here?

8.  Attempt donkey crossing the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens?


Puzzle #6 Wordplay: Riddles

June 12, 2009

Riddles are one of the oldest forms of puzzles known to man, and today I have eight brain teasers for you.  All of them are New York city themed (natch), and they also have the distinction of being the guest round for the Rocky Sullivan Pub Quiz!  I will have details of how my night went in the Tuesday post for this puzzle.  It should go great considering I already forgot my digital camera!  Sigh…  Anyway, if you weren’t at Rocky’s last night try these on for size.  Happy Puzzling!

1. Where in New York City do you travel up to 65 miles per hour, and yet always end up where you have started?

2. I have several poles with no opinions, a gate that moves, and my grass is inside my dirt.  What am I?

3. I have two Davids, two Marias, four Jameses and dozens of Bills.  What am I?

4. My annual visits are steeped in the past, but you know my visage thanks to New York and a one Mr. Nash.  And I am?

5. Where do thousands of people go from New York to Paris and back again eight times a week?

6. In the Big Apple how can you take one line and go from a circle to a square?

7. Although I am originally from France, I am now the quintessential New Yorker, and even though I am over 100 years old, I have only had work done on my face once.  Who am I?

8.  This last riddle returns to a rhyme.

     I am a clock, but I don’t measure time.

    What do I track?  Well it ain’t much fun.

    And it got a trillion times worse just by adding a one.