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Answers to Puzzles #20 Su-do-kode AND #21 The Ends of the Earth

October 26, 2009

Pencils up and walk away, because we have a winner for the Su-do-kode puzzle from two weeks ago!  From the vast amount of entry received, the winner is:  Max Symuleski (I hope I’m pronouncing that right).  Max’s entry went above and beyond supplying the answer and the row or column it appears on, but was a pdf of the entire puzzle solved.  Well done!  Here is the completed puzzle: 

sudokode answer

Yes the answer is Katz’s Deli!  Your humble puzzler is in contact with Max right now on the prize, and when a choice is made I will let you know!  Congratulations to Max for being the inaugural prize winner in the life of The Puzzling New York City Blog!


I also have the answers to the Trivia Quiz which was the guest round that emceed at the World Famous Rocky’s Sullivan’s Pub Quiz!  If you haven’t tried the Quiz yet use the link above.  If you need the answers, then continue by clicking below. (more…)


Rocky’s and Still No Answers to Puzzle #20

October 22, 2009

Once again I am the guest round at tonight’s Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz!  If you’re gonna be nearby the Red Hook IKEA tonight, come on down.  My round will be general knowledge with a twist!  Mwaah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa!

Nobody has emailed an answer to the su-do-kode puzzle yet and I find this inconceivable since a grand total of, wait a minute let me look this up… 57 PEOPLE have checked the blog since I posted the puzzle.  Why that’s enough people to make a subway car moderately crowded.  Surely someone will rise to the challenge and win the first Puzzling New York City Prize ever!

Tomorrow’s puzzle will be tonight’s guest round.  See if you can score better than teams of enebriated pub quiz-philes!

Puzzle#20 Su-do-kode I: Tounge in Cheek

October 16, 2009

The number/logic puzzle Sudokuhas become phenomenally popular in the last five years or so in the United States.  Sudoku puzzles often appear alongside the venerable crossword puzzle in many daily news papers, and books of Sudoku puzzles can be found just about anywhere.  I would wager that if you ride the subway home from work like I do, you will find someone doing a Sudoku puzzle.  I have always liked Sudoku puzzles, but being more of a word guy, and never being able to leave things well enough alone in the first place, I have come up with a twist on the traditional Sudoku.  I call this new puzzle So-du-kode.  I have replaced the numbers 1 through 9 with nine letters.  You still solve the puzzle as you would a normal Sudoku puzzle, but in this case no letter is allowed to repeat where numbers are not allowed to repeat in the traditional puzzle.  If you solve the puzzle correctly, you will find something to do with New York City spelled out on one of the rows or columns in the puzzle. 



The first person to email the solution to my brand spankin’ new gmail address:

puzzlingnyc <at> gmail <dot> com  Sorry for no direct link, but I would like to avoid the first email to this account being a Viagra ad.

(Where were we…)

Right!  The first person to email the solution to the above address will receive a prize that has something to do with said answer.


So please email the nine letter solution and tell me which row or column the answer is located in.  Use row one for the top row and go down and use one for the left-most column and go right.

Happy Puzzling!