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Puzzle #23: Wordplay & Trivia: Musical NYC I: From the Hit Broadway Show…

November 6, 2009

Now that’s a title that wouldn’t fit on a marquis!  This week’s puzzle comes directly from the distinctly New York art form:  The Musical.  I have taken phrases and words from the titles of songs of 11 past and present Broadway shows (and 1 Off-Broadway) and mashed them up to form coherent (mostly) sentences and phrases.  Punctuation and capitalisation of words in the clues are all mine, but every word in each clue does come from the titles of the songs in the score of an individual musical.  Can you identify the 12 musicals from the bits and pieces of their song titles that I have sliced, diced and Edelweiss-ed?  If you can, and you email the correct answer to puzzlingnyc<at>gmail<dot>com you will get a prize!  And this time I actually have the prize in my possession (working on yours Max, working on it!)!  The first to get the correct answer to me will receive the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Shrek the Musical.  Happy Puzzling!

1.  Sit down, be a lady and marry the man!

2.  So long, my favorite Maria.

3.  Pacienca y fe, it won’t be long.  Breathe.

4.  Remember, it’s gonna rain; plant a radish.

5.  I wanna keep it gay and be the king of Springtime.

6.  Tonight, I feel something’s coming, Maria.

7.  I dreamed lovely ladies sing on my empty tables.

8.  The Ballad of Joanna, a Little Priest, and the Linnet Bird.

9.  Nowadays I can’t do that jazz, Mama.

10.  Follow me.  C’est Moi?  Fie!

11.  The music of the masquerade makes me laugh.

12.  Coney Island New York, ya got me carried away.


Answers to Puzzles #20 Su-do-kode AND #21 The Ends of the Earth

October 26, 2009

Pencils up and walk away, because we have a winner for the Su-do-kode puzzle from two weeks ago!  From the vast amount of entry received, the winner is:  Max Symuleski (I hope I’m pronouncing that right).  Max’s entry went above and beyond supplying the answer and the row or column it appears on, but was a pdf of the entire puzzle solved.  Well done!  Here is the completed puzzle: 

sudokode answer

Yes the answer is Katz’s Deli!  Your humble puzzler is in contact with Max right now on the prize, and when a choice is made I will let you know!  Congratulations to Max for being the inaugural prize winner in the life of The Puzzling New York City Blog!


I also have the answers to the Trivia Quiz which was the guest round that emceed at the World Famous Rocky’s Sullivan’s Pub Quiz!  If you haven’t tried the Quiz yet use the link above.  If you need the answers, then continue by clicking below. (more…)

Puzzle #21 Trivia: The Ends of the Earth

October 23, 2009

So while I still await an answer submission for Puzzle #20,  I say we move on to puzzle #21.  Last night I was the guest quizzer for the Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz, and today’s post is that quiz.  Thanks again to Scott M.X. Turner for letting me do my puzzling thing in public.  Are there laws against that sort of thing?  Anyway, my contribution to the evening was a New York City general knowledge with a twist.  One team, named Just a Bit of the Tip, got all of the questions correct.   And now it is your challenge, can you run the table o’ trivia?  Try your hand.  Happy Puzzling!

TITLE:  The Ends of the Earth


 1.  Who is the current Attorney General of the United States of America?

 2.  What is the largest city run hospital in the borough of Queens?

 3.  What is the traditional Long Island summer getaway for New York’s elite?

 4.  What Chelsea resident actor was nominated for a Tony Award for the play Coast of Utopia and is currently appearing in the film New York, I Love You?

 5.   What kind of writing is found on Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park?

 6.  What New York Neighborhood is bounded by the East River to the east, East 96th Street to the south, 5th Avenue to the West, and the Harlem River to the North?

 7.  What former New York Yankee great won the American League MVP award in 1963?

 8.  Which actor played the Ghostbuster who said the line, “That’s a big Twinkie.”?

 BONUS (2 parts):  Did you get a theme for your eight answers, and what the #&!@ does the title of this quiz have to do with the answers?

Puzzle #13: Sequential New York

July 31, 2009

So once again I did the Guest Round for Rocky Sullivan’s Pub Quiz.  Thanks Scott!  This time my theme was “Sequential New York”.  The eight puzzles I offered up to the Rocky’s puzzlers were a sequence of four things related to New York City, and for each question I asked what was the next thing in the sequence and what was the sequence.  Each correct answer was awarded a point for a total of 16 possible points.  Four of the questions were outer borough related, one for each outer borough, and four were Manhattan or citywide.  As a bit of a hint, I said Outer Borough or Manhattan or Citywide as a preface to each question.  Here were the teams scores:

Hello Hello Hello:  11 points

A Midsummer’s Night Revolution:  11 points

The Woodwork:  10 points

Yes We Can Drink Six Point:  6 points (ironically)

The Saddlebackers: 5 points

Just the Tip, Bigger, Longer Uncut:  4 points

Knocked Out By Cypress:  4 points

Van Halen:  4 points

The Tumblewoods:  3 points

Can you top that?  Happy Puzzling!

OB= Outer Borough     MoC= Manhattan or Citywide

1.  OB:  4,3,5,7, __  What number comes next and why?

2.  MoC:  The Crew of Gemini 3, Chung Hee Park, The Crew of Apollo8, The Crew of Apollo 11, ____________  Who comes next and why?

3.  OB: Confucius, Laotse, Moses, David, ___________  Who comes next and why?

4.  MoC:  The Empire State Building, The Bank of America Tower, The Chrysler Building, The New York Times Building, ____________  What building comes next and why?

5.  MoC:  Midnight Cowboy, The French Connection, The Godfather, Annie Hall, ___________  What movie comes next and why?

6.  MoC:  H,I,K,O, _  What letter comes next and why?

7.  OB:  Svetlana Kuznetsova, Kim Clijsters, Maria Sharapova, Justie Henin, ___________  Who comes next and why?

8.  OB:  Pleasant Plains, Richmond Valley, Nassau, Atlantic, __________  What comes next and why?

Puzzle #7 Trivia: What I’ve Learned About New York Since the Birth of My Two and a Half Year Old Son Max

June 22, 2009

In honor of Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, I am giving a shout out to my dad, Patri-holla!, and I am  dedicating this puzzle to my boy Max.  You learn a lot of new things when your  first child comes into your life, mostly about pee and poop – I kid! (sorta).  Anyway, I have also learned some interesting things about New York City  directly and indirectly due to my son.  Here’s a little pop quiz on the things that a new daddy picks up besides toys he’s stepped on.  Happy puzzling!

1.  A Sesame Street Trio:

What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear? 

What trains stop at the mythical Sesame Street subway stop?

What are the names of Elmo’s parents?

2.  Not completely NYC related but fascinating, what common product for babies is only available by prescription in Europe?

3.  Brooklyn Children’s Book Author Trio:

Name the author and the children’s book that has been turned into a soon to be released major motion picture and ends with the line: “And it was still hot.”

Name the follow up book by this author and what was so controversial about the main character Micky.

Peter Schickele narrated short animated films based on these books.  Who is Mr. Schickele better known as especially around Lincoln Center circles.

4.  When parents complained to the city that the rubber mats used in most NYC playgrounds were getting so hot in the sun that children’s feet were getting burned, how did the city respond?

5. A Comedian Quartet:

What late great NYC born comedian once narrated the stories for the Thomas the Tank Engine children’s show?

Because he was always used to working to an audience, this comedian had trouble recording his lines alone in a sound booth.  What was the solution to this problem?

Since he replaced Ringo Starr as the narrator for the show, what did this comedian refer to himself as?

A comedy routine by this man was played on WBAI in NYC in 1972 and led to an obscenity case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Name the routine.

6.  How the Other Half Births:  There is a private suite in the maternity at Mt. Sinai hospital that has picked up an nickname for the famous actress who gave birth to two biblical themed named children there.  Can you name the actress, her children, and her pop-rocker husband?

7.  Lastly,  Isabella and Sophia were tied for the most popular girls names for babies last year in NYC,  and Daniel topped the boys list.  Can you name the most popular dog name in the Big Apple for the last two years running?

Puzzle #4 Trivia: Who Are These People?

May 30, 2009

We’re changing it up from the Wordplay this week.  This week it is straight up trivia time.  Do you know who the thirteen people below are, and can you figure out what they all have in common?  Happy puzzling!

  1. Joseph Gallo
  2. Catherine Susan Genovese
  3. Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filberto Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguolla
  4. Jeffrey Ross Hyman
  5. Irwin Alan Kniberg
  6. Malcolm Little
  7. Jason William Mizell
  8. William Sydney Porter
  9. John Simon Ritchie
  10. Arthur Leonard Rosenberg
  11. Nancy Laura Spungen
  12. Stanford White
  13. Thomas Lanier Williams