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Puzzle #26 Word Ladders: The Sidewalks of New York

December 4, 2009

This week we will be traveling the streets of New York on ladders…  Word ladders that is.  I have three word ladders which will transform one famous New York thoroughfare into another.  Word ladders are puzzle in which one word is turned into another by changing one letter at a time without rearranging any of the letters.  For example, CAT can be changed to DOG thusly:





This week I have three such puzzles: a three-letter ladder, a four-letter ladder, and a five-letter ladder.  The five letter puzzle contains many steps and on archaic word, so I will include the ladder with clues after a break.  Oh, and as usual I will tell you the number of steps (or should that be “rungs”…) that it took me to complete the ladder.  If you can do better, drop me an email at puzzlingnyc gmail <dot> com.  Good?  Good.  Happy Puzzling!


Can you turn GAY Street into the BQE?  I did it in five steps (with no other abbreviations ‘sides BQE). 


Can get from WALL Street to PARK Avenue?  Sure you can, sell derivatives.  Or try to do it as a word ladder.  This one took me four steps.


Can you go from FIFTH Avenue in Manhattan to the GRAND Concourse in The Bronx?  This ones a doozy as it took me 12 steps (insert recovery joke here)!  If you need a little help click below.



Puzzle #12 Wordplay: Three Word Ladders or News, Sports and Politics

July 24, 2009

This week I delved into the puzzle form of word ladders.  OK, that is a bit of a lie.  I was working on a word ladder for last week’s puzzle, could not finish constructing it, and then rushed to finish this puzzle.  Word ladders are puzzles where you go from one word to another by changing one letter of the starting word to form a new word and continue these changes until you reach the finishing word.  The letters are not allowed to be rearranged in any way.  For example you could change FIG to BAD with the following three step ladder:





I decided to try and change WOODY into ALLEN (for reasons that I will make clear in my Tuesday post (Yes, I will do I Tuesday post (Yes, I know I am using too many parentheses))).  Anyway, my failure to get from famous surname to famous last name made me take a step back and try to complete ANY word ladder.  Guess what?  I managed to get not one but three NYC themed word ladders completed, and I am presenting them right now.

The first word ladder tabloid themed featuring the arch rival Daily News and New York Post.  I found a way to turn the NEWS into the POST (without any even an editorial change) in the minimum four steps or letter changes.  Can you?  Oh, and by the way, not offend anyone, but look at the most read story on the Post’s homepage.  Stay classy Post readers, stay classy.

For the second word ladder we go to the baseball diamond.  The New York Yankees will be represented by second baseman Robinson Cano and the New York Mets are represented by left fielder Jeremy Reed.  Though I doubt he’d want to change places with him right now, I was able to change CANO into REED in six steps.  Can you do it, or better yet can you do it in less steps?

The last word ladder involves our former mayor and current mayor.  Very simply, I was able to turn RUDY into MIKE in five steps.  Can you?  Can you get it down to four?

Happy Puzzling!