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Puzzle #32: Triviography I: The Bronx is Up and The Battery’s Down

January 29, 2010

This week’s puzzle is a combination of trivia and geography which I am dubbing Triviography! (See what I did there?)  This puzzle will give you a list of two different Manhattan landmarks and your challenge is to figure out which one of them is further uptown (i.e. north) on the Isle of Manhattan.  See how many you can do before you resort to Google Maps!  Happy Puzzling!

Which of these are further uptown?

1.  City Hall or The Town Hall

2.   The Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Museum of Natural History 

3.  Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center

4.  Grand Central Terminal or The Port Authority Bus Terminal

5.  John Jay College or John Jay Park

6.  Chelsea Markets or Chelsea Piers 

7.  Avengers Mansion or The Baxter Building

8.  The Chrysler Building or The General Motors Building

9.  The Lake in Central Park or The Pond in Central Park

10.  The Cathedral of St. John the Devine or Columbia University

11.  259 West 4th Street or 189 West 10th Street